Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes FMS different from other Merchant Card Sales Organizations?

A. FMS will always place the needs and interests of our clients first. We are accountable  to an all knowing God. We will not conduct any business transaction if its not a win-win situation. Our integrity is extremely important to us. We are here to serve.

Q. How long does it take to get set up to accept credit cards?

A. It depends on the type of business. Retail, Restaurants or any store front business that sees the customer, swipes the card and delivers the product or service within 24 hours of the authorization can be set up within 24 hours. Mail Order/Telephone Order and Web merchants will take longer depending on how long it takes to gather all the information.

Q. How does a business owner’s credit score impact the process?

A. There is no impact for Retail and Restaurant business owners. Non face to face transaction business will require additional information.

Q. Can a home based business get set up to accept credit cards?

A. Most legal businesses can get set up to accept credit cards. Home based businesses must own the home.

Q. Why do I have to provide so much personal and confidential information like my social security number, date of birth, home address and telephone number etc.?

A. Credit card fraud, money laundering, illegal transfer of funds etc. are a big concern. Visa and MC want to reduce these crimes and ensure that only legal bona fide businesses are issued Merchant ID numbers.

Q. Why do I have to pay a discount rate for every transaction?

A. This is the cost of funding the money up front to your business before the issuing  bank receives any payment from the card holder. It is also the cost of taking the risk away from you. It is the cost of authorizing the transaction at the point of sale and depositing the funds in your bank account.

Q. Do I have to get a new terminal?

A. You do not have to get a new terminal. FMS can reprogram most of the existing terminals. We will only recommend new equipment if the existing terminal is costing the business increased processing fees.

Please e-mail Mike Brooks with any other questions.