Our Process

We provide Electronic Payment Solutions for businesses!

Educating Merchants to make wise buying decisions...


Many business owners and their accountants are unaware of the true cost of a credit, debit or travel and entertainment card transaction. This is one of the best kept secrets of the business world today. Statements are designed to confuse. Consequently business owners are paying inflated fees, hidden fees, unexplained fees, etc.

Business owners are also victims of the system. Most times they have to write off the costs of credit card fraud and charge backs.


We help business owners and their accountants:
• Read and understand their merchant card statements
• Calculate the true cost so they can determine real profits
• Reduce their costs of Credit Card transactions and increase their profits
• Reduce the number of Charge Backs
• Reduce the amount of Credit Card Fraud
• Determine the most efficient, cost effective system for their business


We are experienced merchant card professionals who have more than fifteen years working knowledge and experience in the merchant card business. We know the true costs. We have the inside information. Knowledge is power.


Although we have bank partners, we no longer work for the banks, networks or independent sales organizations. We wish to work for the business owners. We want to help business owners reduce the cost of doing business, by offering fair pricing, education and superior service.


• Established in 1996
• A registered ISO/MSP of US Bank
• Based in Greenville, SC
• 34 + years experience in the Payments Business
• Registered Member of Carolinas Minority Supplier Development Councils, Inc.
• Currently serving over 1200 clients nationwide

Business Strategy

• Committed to offering the highest standards of customer service
• Dedicated to educating clients so they can make smart buying decisions
• No ‘gimmick’ selling plans
• Committed to offering value that exceeds investments
• Equal treatment to every client
• Dedicated to offering the latest technology available

Independent Sales Representatives Needed

First Merchant Services is looking for like-minded people to join our team. No past payment sales experience necessary.

Community Banks

First Merchant Services provides full payment services to the clients of community banks.


First Merchant Services offers a wide range of training seminars and workshops to the business community. These workshops are designed to empower business owners to make wise buying decisions and empower employees to perform at their peak.

Contact Mike Brooks at mbrooks@firstms.net.