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VirtualMerchant Mobile

VirtualMerchant Mobile

cell phone and credit card

cell phone and credit card
Accept payments quickly and securely any time, any where.

A mobile solution from an experienced, full-service payments provider.

Now you can accept payments without boundaries and add incremental value with mobile POS acceptance, while leveraging all the benefits of Elavon's leading payment gateway, including extensive reporting and the flexibility to adapt your payment solution as your business grows. Elavon's VirtualMerchant Mobile is a secure, complete payment solution that transforms mobile devices into terminals, allowing you to accept payments quickly and securely anywhere, any time without a major investment of money or effort. Our secure mobile solution is a natural extension of our full service offerings that builds on over 20 years of industry experience by providing flexible, secure and scalable payment solutions to businesses of all sizes. VirtualMerchant Mobile is an innovative offering for businesses of any size that want more than just a mobile payment solution from their payment providers.

Simple and Secure

VirtualMerchant Mobile leverages a secure, hosted environment with quick upgrades and end-to-end connectivity while eliminating the cost and complexities of a third-party provider. Plus, Elavon is focused, stable and trusted in the marketplace and is backed by 20 years experience in the industry allowing us to support our mobile solution with five key elements:

Made for Small Business

With VirtualMerchant Mobile you can utilize existing hardware, technical infrastructures and communications providers to enable mobile commerce and accept most card payments. It supports Purchase and Authorization Only transactions and works with Smartphone devices including most Apple, Blackberry and Google Android mobile devices. Quick and easy set up and configuration process includes downloading the VirtualMerchant Mobile App from the relevant App Store and entering account configuration credentials which are provided by Elavon.

Once your Smartphone is configured, you can accept key-entered transactions or swiped transactions can be accepted with the addition of a card reader that encrypts card data at the time of swipe to ensure security. Elavon supports multiple readers for multiple form factors.